When I was a kid, I looked at envy at my friends that could effortlessly draw a car, a truck a plane, a person.  I wish I could draw, but alas I had the artistic talent of a slug.

In middle school I got in-school suspension for messing around in my art class. This meant that for two-weeks I had to sit in a room with the other troublemakers for an hour.  My art teacher gave me a book on drawing portraits and I spent those hours--and many more sketching people that looked nothing like any real person.

In college and law school I sketched a lot and, gradually, the sketches began to look like what I was looking at.  

Being a lawyer is a hard, sometimes soul sucking, profession.  Overcome with stress I needed a release and so I signed up for an oil painting class at the local community college.  I took to it immediately.  It was like I'd been an oil painter in a previous life and my soul had been waiting for me to rediscover my passion again.  Hundreds and hundreds of hours of practice later, and here I am. 

Recently I discovered UrbanSketching and now try and sketch every day.  These are fast, loose and expressive works.  You can find them under the My Sketchbook tab.  Check it often.  I add new sketches almost every day.