Restaurant People

Yesterday, my sister took me to Babes Chicken in Roanoke Texas. Only two things on the menu--fried chicken and chicken fried steak--delicious! 


I sketched the floor manager Grant.  


I love food. So I spend a lot of time in restaurants, sketching the people that work there.  


This is Amanda from a few days ago at Cornish Pasty.    


A prep cook from a few weeks back.  


I've sketched so many people at this place that when I sit at the bar, the bartender brings me bear beer and a glass of water for my paints.  


Keith who served us great wine in Bisbee.  


She runs a fantastic place in Tucson and kept coming over to see the sketch of her patrons.  


I think one of the reasons I love sketching restaurant workers is because they love the sketches so much. Many of the restaurants around where I live proudly display my sketches on their walls. One caught fire awhile back. When it reopened, there was my sketch, saved, cleaned up and back on the wall.  


I think it's because they spend their days serving other people, making our food delicious, our drinks beautiful and our experiences delightful. But often they are invisible to the very people they serve. 


So when an artist comes along and sketches them, they know they've been seen and valued. 


And somebody is giving back to them, the same way they give so much to us.  


The chef was busy so they wanted the sketch. 


Mike the Chef--one of my favorites--taught me how to use browned butter while I sketched him. Changed my life! 


I end with this guy. He's been selling Nogales dogs in the same parking lot on Indian School and 21st Street for years. Met a chef from NY on a plane once who asked if I knew the place. I said of course and asked if he'd been there. He said, "no but all the chefs talk about him."  I did this sketch of his food and he was so proud of it--because he's so proud of his food and what he does. I did the sketch a few years ago, but my son a few weeks ago sent me a picture of the guy's facebook page and my sketch is still his profile picture. and that's why I love giving sketches to these amazing people.