My dad worked for Frontier Airlines for 21-years so I spent a lot of time growing up in airports.  So they have a special place in my heart. Now they are one of my favorite hunting grounds for people to sketch. It's one of the few places where people sit still for a long period if time.  


I just sketched this woman a few minutes ago on a trip to Dallas. If you look hard you can see her in the background.  


This was a quick sketch on a 3x5 card during a very bumpy flight  


A flight to Denver on Moleskin paper, which does not accept watercolor very well.  


This was a sketch of my sister and niece on a flight from Routan to Utila Hunduras in a small Cessna.  


Quick sketch of people waiting to check in  


This lady asked me to sketch her duck in The Houston airport


kids waiting for their brother to get off the plane.  


A line drawing of a Southwest Airlines cabin. 


She was kind of crabby to the stewardess, so I tried to capture that. Think I did. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to board my plane!