Little Hippie Boy

Yesterday I sat next to a big bear of a man, appropriately named Bear. He was working intently on a Sudoko puzzle so I started sketching. There was no doubt about the moment he realized I was sketching him; he loudly said "Wow!! That's me!"   

It turns out he's an artist too. He makes beaded jewelry.   When he was a young man he was homeless. So he started making and selling jewelry to support himself. One day a rich woman bought one of his necklaces. She walked back to her friends and he could hear her say, "That little hippie boy is homeless and needs money. Go buy one of his necklaces."  And they all did. 

He retired in January and spends his days making jewelry. His kids just set him up a Facebook store called Little Hippie Boy, where you can buy his necklaces today. Here's a link to his store--go buy one.